The Expe-smarthouse project was initiated in 2018 in order to provides data from a 120 m² household where a 5 people family lives.

This project grant an access to about 340 measuring points for scientists, accessible in real time through a Grafana portal with Influxdb database.

This smart home is developed based on Open Source Hardware and Software. It is also flexible in adding new technologies or sensors

There are measures of:

  • Electricity, gas and water consumption of each device
  • Temperature, humidity and brightness of each common room
  • Opening position of each door and window
  • Motion sensors
  • Ligth state
  • Air analysis of each room
  • Outdoor weather conditions

Here an example of the architecture used

Several experiments use this platform and we invite you to consult the Scientific experiments page to discover them.

Many tutorials have been made based on this house and posted in website (in French). It is then accessible for citizens who want to set up their own smart home with commercial or homemade hardware and software.

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